Some of Our Completed Transactions



BusinessAnnual SalesSelling Price
Transportation/Destination Management$6,915,000$7,550,000
Landscape Material Supplier$2,466,000$2,000,000
Tanning Salon$110,000$75,000
Coffee Shop$325,000$125,000
Coffee Roaster$1,200,000$1,000,000
Aftermarket Automotive Service$1,100,000$800,000
Janitorial Maintenance$331,000$180,000
Sign Manufacturer$3,605,000$2,400,000
Equipment Rental Business$3,230,000$1,750,000
Glass Company$1,050,000$325,000
Auto Body Shop$425,000$200,000
Golf Service Company$2,400,000$770,000
Home Health Monitoring Service$850,000$600,000
Florist/Gift Shop$371,000$145,000
Italian Kitchen Design$185,000$135,000
Mobil Storage Company$950,000$425,000
B2B Cartridge Franchise$275,000$155,000
Mailing Center$375,000$145,000
Light Manufacturer$1,200,000$475,000
Fast Food Franchise$675,000$540,000
Hospital Restaurant$285,000$175,000
Bankrupt Fast Food Franchise$1,100,000$525,000
Concrete Company$2,150,000$975,000
Video Arcade$215,000$175,000
Restoration and Damage Repair$405,000$255,000
Vending Company$115,000$95,000
Auto Repair and Service$535,000$155,000
Closet/Cabinet Manufacturing Business$225,000$125,000
Carolina Crane Repair Business$700,176$1,400,000
Dog Grooming Business$350,000$140,000
Cafe and Bakery$183,000$75,000
Grocer, Butcher Deli$360,000$360,000
Towing and Repossession Business$410,000410,000
Construction Business$12,040,000$1,850,000
Cabinet Manufacturing Business$954,195$250,000
Convenience Store and Gas Station$706,589$106,000
Fundraising Company$314,049$180,000
Ice Cream Shop$200,000$60,000


We have experience in selling distressed businesses, foreclosures, bankruptcy, licensing programs, franchise sales and set-up


Funding is available through our sources for all current business owners. Contact us for more details.

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