In addition to offering independent business for sale listings, The CBA Group has developed an expertise in Franchising. If you have an existing franchise business to sell, we can work with you and your franchise representatives to sell the business. If you are a franchisor looking to sell franchises or think your business would make a successful franchise, we can offer a range of services to help you reach your full potential. Finally, if you have been looking for a franchise to buy, and would like assistance evaluating before you make the purchase, we can give you an insider prospective to the due diligence process, and help you understand the risks as well as the value of the franchise opportunity.

Franchise My Business
Many business Owners see franchising as a vehicle to grow and expand. There are substantial costs and work involved in the process of moving from an independent small business to becoming a Franchisor. In addition, running a franchise company and a franchise development program is very different from running the core business. At The CBA Group, we have the formula for success. When done well, the results of successfully franchising to a large number of locations are very exciting and profitable.

Franchisors Selling Units and Master Agreements
For existing Franchisors, The CBA Group has a network of contacts and relationships throughout the region including prospective buyers as well as Real Estate personnel to assist with every face of the franchise development process.

Buying a Franchise (franchise opportunities)
So you’re ready to take the step and become a business owner, but you also want the security of working with a proven franchise system. Beware, not all franchise opportunities are equal. In addition to vetting unique franchise offerings for sale directly, The CBA Group can serve as an objective resource to assist with proper due diligence. Many prospects looking at a specific franchise are caught up in the excitement of the idea and the brand. While these are important, the objective of any business is to provide a return on investment. Let us help you understand the financial opportunity you are exploring to ensure that the reality will meet your expectations.

Sell My Franchise
Own a franchise business and want to move on? With our skills and resources as traditional Business Brokers along with our franchising expertise, we can help you market the Business for sale, find the right Buyer, and manage the transfer process as prescribed in your Franchise Agreement. Whether it’s a single unit, multiple units, or a Master Agreement, we can get you the value you deserve for the brand you helped build.


Funding is available through our sources for all current business owners. Contact us for more details.

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