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We provide a broad array of services to the Business Owner and the Business Buyer. Our Company is set up differently than most Business Brokerage firms in that we provide a wide base of talent and expertise to help address and advise the Business Community. Here are some of the services Carolina Business Associates provides to our Clients:

Virtually, every one of our Team has owned and operated their own Business, so we understand the issues that affect our Clients. We have people with experience in Business Management, Legal issues, Business Valuations, Machinery & Equipment Appraisal, Exit Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Consulting, Commercial Real Estate, Banking, Public Accounting, Underwriting, Buyer Searches, Franchise Sales and Re-Sale, as well as specialization in providing Buyer Funding of transactions.


If you are considering the Sale of your Business:

Give serious consideration to hiring a professional Business Broker to help you sell your business. To begin, there are four different reasons that Business Owners Exit their businesses:


  • Sale of the Business
  • Close the Business
  • Accident, Illness, or Death
  • Succession

The obvious and desired choice is the Sale of the Business. Statistics show that approximately one out of every five businesses in the U.S. change ownership every year. When selling a business it requires dedicated professional attention. Marketing and facilitating a business transfer is a full-time job. The goal of most sellers is to maximize the after tax profit on the sale while maintaining strict Confidentiality. We believe these next steps should be followed in order for the Seller to achieve their goals:


PRICING AND VALUATION: Sellers want the best possible price for their business. To determine the best price, a professional Broker will use industry-tested valuation techniques to help determine your business’s value.

PREPARING THE BUSINESS FOR SALE: To be able to make an informed decision Buyers routinely require information on the activity of the business and its history. To enable a Buyer to make an informed decision we create a complete Confidential Executive Memorandum outlining the Business in detail to the Buyer. This can also help the Buyer obtain the required financing to proceed with the deal.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: Designing a marketing plan targeted to the types of Buyers that might be interested in a particular business is key. We use databases of Buyer prospects, professional associations and investment groups. Target marketing through trade publications, direct mail and Internet sites -specifically for business transactions- are some of the tools we use to reach Buyers.

QUALIFYING BUYERS: The Business Broker must focus on those Buyers financially qualified and genuinely interested who have the skills needed to run the type of business they are reviewing. Finding a qualified buyer is a skill developed by years of experience in facilitating business transactions.

PRESENTING THE BUSINESS: A professional Business Broker is experienced in handling negotiations. By offering a Seller the convenience of continuing to manage their Business while the selling process is under way, the Seller does not have to both run the Business and deal with Buyers. Generally speaking Buyers are more educated on the process of buying a Business than Sellers are on the process of selling. As such, it is important to have a Broker who is able to help you convey this information to the Buyer and explain it while maintaining Confidentiality.

MAINTAINING PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY: Owners are extremely concerned about Confidentiality, as they should be.  A professional Broker is skilled at protecting the Confidentiality of the sale from employees, suppliers, creditors and customers of the Business.  Just as important is how the confidentiality process protects the Seller from exposure to competitors finding out the Business is for sale.

NEGOTIATING THE BUSINESS SALE TRANSACTION: The Business Broker is a vital advisor during the sale transaction. Knowledgeable about negotiating price, terms and other key aspects of the sale. Proper deal structure will greatly affect the amount you will end up keeping after selling your Business. We help coordinate the Legal, Accounting, and other Professionals that might be required to complete the transaction, if you wish.


Funding is available through our sources for all current business owners. Contact us for more details.

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