The CBA Group has partnered with a highly specialized business consulting firm to augment the services we are able to provide our corporate clients. Our advisors work with mid to large sized companies nationally, assisting them in finding tax incentives that they, and their outside accountants, usually don’t know they are eligible to receive, and almost never have any idea how to access. Our business advisory services will help you obtain these specialized incentives and avenues to reduce your overall costs. The average amount we return to the bottom line of these companies can be in the high six to seven figures, per location. Below is a sample of the programs we review during a company audit:

  1. Reduce Property Taxes
  2. Payroll Tax Credits
  3. Credit Card Processing Fee Reductions
  4. R&D Tax Credits
  5. Worker’s Opportunity Tax Credits
  6. Hiring Tax Incentives
  7. Reduction in Worker’s Comp Premiums 
  8. Cash Building Retirement Loans


Corporate Loans

  1. Securities Based Financing 
  2. Venture Capital Loans
  3. Apartment Buildings
  4. Hospitality Industry 
  5. Medical
  6. Deposit Based Financing
  7. Large Balance Mezzanine, Bridge Equity (> $15MM)
  8. All SBA Categories 
  9. Church Loans
  10. Lending from Hedge Funds (> $10MM)
  11. Franchise Financing 
  12. Equipment Purchasing 


Consulting Fees

Our Corporate Analysis program is done on a contingency basis. The investigation is 100 percent free, and, if you like what you see and wish to proceed in obtaining those savings back to your bottom line, our fee is a small percentage of your overall savings once you obtain the benefit.


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Funding is available through our sources for all current business owners. Contact us for more details.

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